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Portland Harbor Natural Resource Damage Assessment Data


Dietary Exposure to Environmentally Relevant Levels of Chemical Contaminants Reduces Growth and Survival in Juvenile Chinook Salmon 2020-02-02 to 2021-04-19
Source: USFWS


The Portland Harbor Superfund Site covers an 11 mile stretch of the Lower Willamette River and adjacent floodplains. Since the early 1900s, numerous facilities have released oil, PCBs, heavy metals, pesticides, and other hazardous substances into Portland Harbor. This highly industrialized area of the Willamette River continues to serve as a hub for the commercial shipping industry. 
NOAA and other Trustee Council members have been conducting a Natural Resource Damage Assessment (NRDA) since 2010 for the Portland Harbor site, to evaluate natural resource injuries incurred over time in areas contaminated with hazardous substances (such as DDT, PCBs, and others), and oil.  More information on the Natural Resource Damage Assessment can be found on the NOAA DARRP website and the Trustee Council website.

DIVER Data Access

Regional data are available for the Portland Harbor NRDA through DIVER Explorer queries and direct package download in the table below.  There are nearly 200 Studies with data from a variety of sources from 1970 through 2021.  In addition to querying and downloading results, users are provided with study notes and metadata for data exports.

Topic Data Downloads DIVER Explorer Query
Regional Environmental Chemistry Data (Samples)  Download Data Package Query Environmental Chemistry Results
Regional Field Observations and Measurements Download Data Package Query Field Observations Data
Regional Bioassay (Toxicity Testing Results) Download Data Package Query Bioassay Data
Portland Harbor Juvenile Chinook Dietary Exposure Data 2020
(Published in Environmental Science and Technology 2023)
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ERMA Data Access

Spatial data layers and analysis for the Portland Harbor NRDA are available in the Pacific Northwest Environmental Response Management Application (ERMA), an online mapping and visualization tool developed by NOAA.